I have tried to post photographs of each entire plant, of the leaves, and of the flowers. I have placed a ruler in most photographs to show size. I prefer that to giving sizes in milimeters or inches.

In many, or even most cases, I have not written a lot about the plant. Once a plant is identified, a web search will find more information. So I have concentrated on assembling the photographs into what I hope will be a helpful guide to identification.

Useful books

East Gulf Coastal Plain Wildflowers by Nelson

Florida Wild Flowers by Bell and Taylor

Forest Plants of the Southeast by Miller and Miller

Wildflowers of Alabama by Dean, Mason and Thomas

Wildflowers of Mississippi by Timme

Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States by Duncan and Foote

These are excellent books for the plant lover. There are many more available, but these are the ones that have helped me most with identification.


Caroline Dean Wildflower Collection

Plants of the Northeastern United States


About myself

My name is Melton Wiggins. I am an amateur, not a trained botanist. I have always had an interest in the native plants which form a kind of frame, or backdrop for the life of the person who lives close to nature. Over decades I have used many field guides, reference books, and internet sites to gain knowledge. The efforts of the authors who created those works have been deeply appreciated. This page is my effort to help others who are interested in the identification and lore of plants.

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