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Plants of Southern Alabama
adjoining areas of Mississippi and Florida
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This site is intended as an aid to the identification of wildflowers which are found in the area of Mobile, Alabama. Of course, most of these plants have a much wider distribution, throughout the Southeast and beyond in many cases. However, all of the plants on this site were located and photographed within 100 miles of Mobile. This area includes Pensacola, Florida, and environs as well as Pascagoula, Mississippi. The entire area falls within the coastal plain.

Map of Mobile Alabama area

This site concentrates on herbaceous flowering plants, commonly called wildflowers, (or forbs by botanists), as opposed to grasses, woody shrubs or trees. The plants may be searched by photograph, by common name, or by scientific name. The photos may be browsed either by color or by family. Scientific names and common names are indexed alphabetically.

Wildflower photos arranged by color

Wildflower photos arranged by family

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